Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Freddy and the pig.

This is a picture of a pig thinking about  apples.

The crash

It was a narmal day and we were sitting on the mat until we got up for reading time
but then some thing horrible happened. 

The cupboard fell over and the jar smashed into thousands off pieces. And all the marbles went everywhere. That it destubed everyone. Sowe had to go outside where miss fire saff was. When we were out side miss fire saff read us a story. 

While we were out side Mr Blakey had to clean up and pick up the glass. He had to be careful or els he would cut hemself in the hand. And if I was Mr Blakey, I would have left the glass instead of picking
the glass up.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


I found it in a tree. It looked like a acorn that belonged to a scwewool. So I picked it up and
brought it home. The acorn was HUGE for a scwewool to eat. The colour was light green with
a little bet brown. It felt smoth but hard to brack open. It also looked like a lime in a acorn she'll.
So the next day I went back to the tree and looked for the scwewool but before I looke for it I saw a little scwewool poking out. When I saw it,the scwewool looked at the acorn. So I gave it
back. And the scwewool was happy again. The end.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The cheats nuts

I found it on the ground and it looked like a shell. So I picked it up and brought it to school.
After school I took it home and cracked it open. When I cracked it open inside of it looked like
a giant seed but smelt yucky. Also felt hard and little bit soft. It had black stripes . It looked liked
It was in a blanket that's round. I also noticed that they have different sises. Some were big large and smal all of them had spikes. So if you tripped on something it would probably be a cheats nut. The colour was a carimal colour but with black on top.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

At the pools

It was a scorching day so Cree Ann and Khaia walked to the pools to cool down.
They were sweating when they were walking. 

When they got to the pools Creeann saw her cousins and unites. So Creeann ran to them to suprised them but when she ranher togs came off! and she was embaresed. 

So she ran to the girls changing room and Cree Ann put on her togs. when she came out nothing haped so she jumped in thepool she saw khaia pull out the chips and she got hungry so she ran out of the pool and ran to the chips. And she gobbled them up.