Sunday, 26 March 2017

Work of art.

This Term, we are learning about Taiao o Tamaki also known as the guardians of the environment that also means, everything around us, and looking after our little siblings. So that's why we built this the thing that we built was a sky tower. The sky tower was built with our very own Chromebook boxes and paper. The paper was just for the windows. But we didn't build this for fun we built this cause we were inspired by this book it was called Work of art. The kids that built it was,  Simon Jane Madie that came up with the idea.Then Kaui Austen Kahu Jayah and me started to do the windos. But before we got all of those things Mrs Moala set out outside the camara filming on time lapes. Then we took the things that we needed outside. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

River Talks

My whole class and the year 8s went down to the Creek so we can see people from different countries performing what talent they got and why we need to do to look after our lovely creek.

At first,there was a man that introduced us to everybody that was performing. His name was Tamati and he was wearing waders so the yuck water didn’t get on him. When he was done introducing us to them,we watched this lady pretending to make a fire, so she can pretend to burn the  that lived in the river like, dead lady's dress but not for real. The lady that was making a fire was singing a scary song that I was kind of scared of, but Then she stopped and the other lady stopped dancing.then it was time to go to the next thing.

The next thing we saw was a man and two ladies, talking about our river to see what we could do to help our river. So they sang a lovely song about the river. After that, we listened to the man that was talking about the fish and all the other stuff that lived in our river like ducks, but most importantly our kaimoana cause apparently they have been getting sick that's why we need to look after our kaimoana and all the other stuff that lived there.

Meanwhile, before we left the creek, we watched Mr Vogt do his speech about the weta hotels that we made. He said if you make one of these  the hang it on the harakeke bush because wherever you hang it the birds will see it and then eat them. { which is sad} but after that we watch these cook islander play the drums about the river. There sound effect  sounded AWESOME but then it was lunch time and we had to go back to school. It was so cool that I wanted to go again but we couldn't because they have to go to a different school I think?

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Weta Hotels

First,we use  a sharp saw to cut pieces of bamboo and put it on the table.we put on goggles and gloves and protective shoes so that you don't hert your self. Then you put the bamboo on the table. and give the other person a chance to cut the bamboo.Next Mr Vogt drilled out some holes so the Wetas can get in there own hotel.After that, we got some unused wire and shaped it into a hook so it can hang.then we painted the bamboo with black ink. Eventually,Mr Vogt went and hanged them on the harakeke bush so the birds don't see it cause there going to think its full of food. It is also cool because it can blend in with the harakeke and no one can see it.