Tuesday, 30 August 2016


On Thursday me and my class went to the hall to see Hiwi the kiwi. He sang a song that was about Kia Moana. He also put up a compation. You can win a green fishing rod and fish and chips. He also told us to teach our parents to never catch the big snappers which, are the mum and dad ones. Because they might have baby fish. You should also let the little ones grow so there will be even more fish to catch. And don't grab the fish with you hands or else there scales will come off. That means you hurt the fish and when you throw it back to sea it will get sick and die. Well that was sad. And is what Hiwi the Kiwi teached us all.

Friday, 19 August 2016


Do you know what's it like to be in a 100 meter sprint. On your marks!’’ We were under starters orders’. I was feeling focused but a little bit nervous because lots of cameras were filming and heaps of people  were shouting. Although I was nervous because of all the spectators watching at home, I was thinking of me on the poddem with my gold medal. While I was getting ready, I prayed so that I would get good luck. The starter fired the pistol. After praying I tiyed my shoe lase. But then somebody untied my shoe lase. I tripped over. I tiyed my shoe lase really fast. Then I got up and ran as fast as I can. Faster then my training. When I reached the finish line no one was there. But then 2 of them came then the rest. I was over the moon and ecstatic that I got my first golden medal.