Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The crash

It was a narmal day and we were sitting on the mat until we got up for reading time
but then some thing horrible happened. 

The cupboard fell over and the jar smashed into thousands off pieces. And all the marbles went everywhere. That it destubed everyone. Sowe had to go outside where miss fire saff was. When we were out side miss fire saff read us a story. 

While we were out side Mr Blakey had to clean up and pick up the glass. He had to be careful or els he would cut hemself in the hand. And if I was Mr Blakey, I would have left the glass instead of picking
the glass up.


  1. Hey bff I just love the marbles they look awesome you rook and roll Cree

  2. Hi Cree I like you r pictures your a artist and you rock and roll. :)

  3. Hi Cree Ann what a big story you have do love your picture Oalii