Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Easter hunt

 Last Easter my mum and I did the Whittakers "The Big Egg Hunt" in Auckland City. The eggs were hidden all around town.  It was to support Starship Childrens hospital. We found all the eggs and there were 100 in total. Each egg was worth 15 points. The Wally egg was worth 100 points and we found it at the Sky Tower. This is our second year doing the hunt.

( my mum helped me type this, thanks mum)


  1. Hi Cree (and Mele!),

    Well done for finding all those eggs! I remember seeing some of them around town too. The egg in your video is really beautiful - I think they were all made by NZ artists.

    Did you have a favourite egg?

    Thanks for sharing this on your blog!

    From Miss Nalder

    1. hi Miss Nalder. My favourite egg was the bat man egg.