Sunday, 26 March 2017

Work of art.

This Term, we are learning about Taiao o Tamaki also known as the guardians of the environment that also means, everything around us, and looking after our little siblings. So that's why we built this the thing that we built was a sky tower. The sky tower was built with our very own Chromebook boxes and paper. The paper was just for the windows. But we didn't build this for fun we built this cause we were inspired by this book it was called Work of art. The kids that built it was,  Simon Jane Madie that came up with the idea.Then Kaui Austen Kahu Jayah and me started to do the windos. But before we got all of those things Mrs Moala set out outside the camara filming on time lapes. Then we took the things that we needed outside. 

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  1. Hi Cree it is Aaliyah I miss you and it is so cool that there is a video of us. how is your new school? do you have friends yet? that was a silly quint coffeehouse you have friends now I have to go I want to play cool maths games I have not played that before but comment me back and tell me how it is going.......